High-tech door for pets

Country residents and townspeople know very well that cats who like to “walk by themselves”, and dogs living in the house, can ask several times a day to go outside. In order not to run and open the entrance door every time, a hole with a flap through which the animal can exit and enter the house is made in it. Such systems are suitable only for a warm climate. In addition, there is an open question of the security of such an “opener”, because, in addition to a pet, other animals or intruders may enter the house.

Therefore, the usual doors are replaced by automatic ones that open only when your cat or dog approaches. And although many such systems are on the market, Austrian engineers decided to do another – an “advanced” version of the automatic door.


In addition to the ease of use of the system, the developers paid attention to energy efficiency and safety.


The door, which somehow resembles the door to the safe, is well insulated and soundproofed, which is especially important for owners of energy-efficient cottages.


To operate the opening mechanism, the door is equipped with a servo-motor with a motor that tightly draws the leaf to the “box”. All mechanics are controlled by a special electronic unit.

Several types of “windows in the world” are available for selection, the dimensions of which depend on the breed of the animal and its size.

The door can be built in the front door, cut into the wall or installed in a double-glazed unit.

In this case, complete tightness, increased heat efficiency and noise insulation are guaranteed.

The system operates as follows: the animal is pre-chipped. When a cat or dog approaches the door, it opens, releasing the pet outwards. Walking, the animal returns, the system reads the data from the chip and, having determined that it’s “its”, opens the door, letting it in.

Therefore, ordinary street cats or dogs can not enter the house.
The servo is configured in such a way that the door does not close until the animal enters the house. Also, through the door to the room can not get intruders, and the control system can be combined with common house alarms. If an attempt is made to break into the door, an alarm is sent to the security panel.

The system is additionally equipped with a remote control, soft illumination for night work, a timer with which you can program its opening for a certain period of time.


In addition, the door is equipped with a “rain sensor”, due to which the pet can not go out in bad weather.


The choice of the user provides several options for coloring the door: for wood, brick, plaster, etc. Optionally, you can order your version of coloring and texturing the door.

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